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Spationaute Troglodyte


Spationaute Troglodyte

kazayarama le chamow

un truc de chamow écrit par le kazayarama

Si je joue à ce concours, c'est la faut à Clip6 qui en a parlé sur la sphère et on en parle aussi sur Chocoku Land du kazayarama le chamow

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Connaissez-vous des kazayarama le chamow ?

Et bien non, enfin oui, mais peut-être sauf que oui fi enfin bref, le kazayarama le chamow c'est pas un truc de tarlouze mais presque !!!

Pour gagner il faut jouer, mais pour jouer au kazayarama le chamow il faut être inscrit sur le forum des kazayarama le chamow

Mais j'hésites, est-ce que ça vaut le coup ? Serais-je un bon kazayarama le chamow ?

et voici une capture d'écran... et oui, Google réagit vite,
la preuve avec la photo de kazayarama le chamow

kazayarama le chamow

Qu'est-ce qu'un bon kazayarama le chamow ?

Un kazayarama le chamow, c'est un peu comme un chocoku, mais sans chocoku par contre je sais pas à quoi ça sert ce concours qui est passé innaperçu...

Bien sur, fidel au côté Fun, je lance une page aujourd'hui mardi 18 juillet 2006 à 03H24 du matin alors que le concours kazayarama le chamow se termine le 19 juillet à 23H59.

Quel suspence, est-ce que je pourrais devenir le meilleur kazayarama le chamow en moins de 48 H crhono, c'est à dire, plus vite que la redoute ???

Ben faut attendre un peu et on le saura, en tout cas ça n'a pas l'air bien compliqué ce truc de kazayarama le chamow, il se peut juste qu'il me manque 12 H pour réussir...

le chamow :

Ben le chamow, c'est Clips6 qui m'a pourrit la vie alors que j'aurais bien été dormir...

Et pour le reste bah, j'en sais rien... et oui, je ne suis pas un chamow mais un "chromadaire" (c'est le male de le chamow), ben oui à cette heure là, j'écris n'importe quoi c'est normal, le but c'est de mettre des mots clés pour le fun...

Le bon chamow doit être fun et posséder une xbox 360 (et paf, ça c'est juste pour glisser un autre mot clé) et aussi une DS Lite (bon, on rigole mais en fait je devrais plutôt parler de chamow)

Mais trève de bla bla, très de bla bla...  Le chamow doit être un peu kazayarama...

kazayarama :

kazayarama je sais pas qui s'est et comme Clip6 est couché (quel tarlouze celui-là) je pourrais pas lui demander  :-(

Mais avec un peu d'imagination on peut faire dire n'importe quoi à Google, Yahoo et se potes, donc parlons du kazayarama mais si je ne le connais pas...

Par contre Tiger, qui n'était pas couché m'a aussitôt fait des liens et mon pote Box va en faire autant (enfin j'espère sinon c'est mort pour moi). Dans 15 mn je vais me coucher donc ça speed pour les keywords de la mort qui tue sur le kazayarama !

Merci également, pour m'avoir fait des liens spontannément :

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  • Democratic VP contender Demings slams Trump 'gall' over Biden black voters gaffe* Congresswoman offers glimpse of running mate role * Opinion: Black Americans are in an abusive relationship * US politics live ? rolling reportVal Demings, a Democratic representative from Florida among contenders to be Joe Biden?s presidential running mate, has castigated Donald Trump for having the ?gall and nerve? to use a gaffe by Biden as a weapon on the campaign trail.Biden apologised on Friday, for saying that if African Americans ?have a problem figuring out whether you?re for me or Trump, then you ain?t black?.The remark prompted gleeful tweets from Trump, fierce attacks from supporters of the president and criticism from Biden?s own backers.?The vice-president shouldn?t have said it,? Demings told CNN?s State of the Union on Sunday.?But I really think the gall and the nerve of President Trump to try to use this in his campaign, he who has since day one done everything in his power, supported by his enablers, to divide this country, particularly along racial lines ??Look, let?s talk about race because we definitely need to, we see it in housing, we see it in voting rights, we see it in healthcare, we see it in education. Mr President, let?s do have a serious conversation about race in America and how about working for all people that you are supposed to represent, not just the privileged few.?It was the kind of fiery defence Biden would expect from someone talked about as a possible running mate.The former vice-president and presumptive Democratic nominee to face Trump in November has committed to choosing a woman. Many ? including the interviewer who elicited the controversial comment on Friday, radio host Charlamagne tha God ? think the running mate should also be African American.?I don?t even care about the words,? Charlamagne told MSNBC?s AM Joy on Sunday, ?and the lip service and the apology is cool, but the best apology is actually a black agenda. They got to make some real policy commitments to black people.?California senator Kamala Harris and former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams ? a target of retweets in dubious taste from Trump on Saturday night ? are thought to be the most likely running mate picks.But Demings, a former Orlando police chief, delivered a decent mini-audition for a traditional running mate role by going firmly on the offensive.Asked about expressions of outrage from the Republican South Carolina senator Tim Scott and former Utah representative Mia Love, Demings said: ?I think it?s interesting that the president searched high and low to find [an] African American member of the Senate and a former member of Congress to speak out on this issue.?It?d be nice to hear other Republicans, male or female, speak out.?In fact many did, including former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, who is of Indian heritage and who many think is lining up a White House run of her own in 2024, or could even be considered as a replacement for Mike Pence as Trump?s own pick for VP.Haley called Biden?s remark ?gut wrenchingly condescending?.?Regardless of color, gender, or class, to label any individual with what he or she is expected to think, believe, and vote is demeaning and disrespectful,? she said. ?Not to mention arrogant and entitled.?On Sunday, CNN host Dana Bash asked directly if Demings wanted to be vice-president. She did not answer directly, but made it clear she would serve if asked.

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  • Defiant Netanyahu goes on trial in Israel charged with corruptionBenjamin Netanyahu on Sunday became the first serving Israeli prime minister to go on trial, proclaiming his innocence in the corridor before walking into court to face charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. The trial came a week after Israel's longest-serving leader was sworn in to a record fifth term, demonstrating his knack for survival by securing an unexpected power-sharing deal with his main opponent after three inconclusive elections in a year. In the courtroom, Netanyahu and the judges wore face masks because of the coronavirus crisis.

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  • Russian prosecutors seek 18 years for ex-US marine in spy trialRussian prosecutors on Monday called for a former US marine charged with spying to be sentenced to 18 years in prison, after a closed-door trial denounced by Washington and his family. Paul Whelan, 50, was detained in Moscow in December 2018 for allegedly receiving state secrets, but he insists he was framed when he took a USB drive from an acquaintance thinking it contained holiday photos. Whelan's lawyer told reporters that prosecutors had requested 18 years for his client in a strict-regime penal colony, just short of the maximum 20-year sentence.

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  • 2.21.1 is a hotfix to resolve a notable UI issue for cameras. 2.21.0 overall is a major release that adds the following notable changes. * Customers with cameras will be guided through the process of setting up activity zones to ensure only relevant activity is recorded



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