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Spationaute Troglodyte


Spationaute Troglodyte

Spationaute Troglodyte

C'est un truc de Tarlouze !

v7ndotcom elursrebmem is Good !
et kazayarama le chamow oh oui !

Découvrez le Spaciofoot troglobale sur les Champs Elyséés

donc, ne comptez pas sur moi, mais voici
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La NASA et le spationaute troglodyte :

California congresswoman supports Trump impeachment inquiry

California congresswoman supports Trump impeachment inquiryFreshman U.S. Rep. Katie Porter on Monday threw her support behind an impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump, adding another Democratic lawmaker to those clamoring for the move. The congresswoman from Irvine, California, announced her decision in a video statement. Porter said she believes Congress must investigate after special counsel Robert Mueller said he couldn't exonerate Trump of obstruction of justice in a probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election and didn't have the option to indict a sitting president.

Young bear was fed by humans and had many 'fans.' Officials say they had to kill it

Young bear was fed by humans and had many 'fans.' Officials say they had to kill itA young black bear was shot and killed by Oregon officials after becoming so habituated to humans that people reportedly took selfies with it.

Off-Duty LAPD Cop Holding Child Shot California Costco Shopper Following Argument

Off-Duty LAPD Cop Holding Child Shot California Costco Shopper Following ArgumentMike Blake/ReutersNew details have emerged in the deadly shooting Friday night inside a Southern California Costco. Police now say an unnamed off-duty Los Angeles Police Department officer shot and killed 32-year-old Kenneth French while holding his own child in his arms after French allegedly attacked him in an unprovoked incident near the Corona, California, store?s freezer section, according to NBC News. Two of French?s family members were also injured in the shooting.Los Angeles Police Commission President Steve Soboroff said Sunday it will be up to LAPD Chief Michel Moore whether to put the unidentified officer on leave. The police have made no statements about his condition or his status with the department after the shooting.The LAPD is conducting an internal investigation into the shooting while Corona police and the Riverside County district attorney?s office conduct a criminal probe. According to a preliminary investigation, the officer fired his weapon six times after French allegedly ?assaulted? him ?without provocation? as the officer held his child, Corona police said Saturday.French was the lone person killed in the incident and the officer?s gun is the only weapon involved in the shooting, according to Tobias Kouroubacalis with the Corona Police Dept. Several people, including the LAPD off-duty officer, were hospitalized with injuries. The officer?s child was unharmed. Initial reports suggested that French had opened fire inside the store, but police have now clarified that the gun involved in the incident belonged to the police officer, Corona police said.It is unclear if the off-duty LAPD officer fired his own weapon or his department-issued gun, and why.The LAPD allows off-duty officers to carry concealed weapons as long as they are authorized for on-duty use, according to the police manual, the Associated Press reported.?The Department has initiated an Administrative Investigation and is working with the Corona Police Department to learn more about the incident,? Los Angeles police said in a statement published by CNN.?From my understanding, from some people we talked to, there was apparently an argument inside,? Lt. Jeff Edwards of the Corona police department told reporters. ?Some type of argument and ensued into a gun shot.?Most of the injuries occurred when shoppers scrambled to leave the store and became stuck when the emergency doors were blocked, according to local news reports. Shoppers described scenes of panicked chaos as they fled the store. Customer Nikki Tate described to NBC how she hid her young daughter when shooting erupted. ?I crawled around to where she was and it was hysteria,? she said. ?I didn?t know if this was another mass shooting.?Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

Argentina and Uruguay suffer ?massive? power outages to millions of homes

Argentina and Uruguay suffer ?massive? power outages to millions of homesArgentina and Uruguay were left entirely without electricity on Sunday after the countries? interconnected network failed, according to energy distributors in the region.The failure began shortly after 7am on Sunday, leaving officials scrambling to restore electricity. Much of the network had been restored by Monday morning, as Argentinia's president Mauricio Macri promised a full investigation into what caused the blackout.The power cut crippled public transportation in Buenos Aires, Argentina?s capital, and in other major cities.It also cut off the water supply, closed shops and brought down phone and internet communications across the country.?A massive the system left Argentina and Uruguay without power,? a spokesperson for energy company Edesur said in a statement. Edesur has 2.5m customers, according to its website.?If this had been a weekday, it would?ve been chaos,? said Silvio Ubermann, a Buenos Aires resident.?Sometimes there is not light in the summertime as a result of high electricity consumption, but never such a large blackout in the whole country.?I have never seen something like this.?Edenor, Argentina?s largest energy company, also tweeted about the failure, as millions woke to the blackout.?Due to a general failure in the interconnection system, Argentina and neighbouring countries are without electricity,? the energy distributor said. Several Argentine provinces were forced to temporarily delay local elections due to the blackout.The cause of the outage was still unclear as of Monday morning, but Argentina?s energy agency confirmed in a statement it had begun an investigation.EPEC, another energy company, said the outage had affected most of the country, including Córdoba and Santa Fe, as well as Buenos Aires.UTE, Uruguay?s electricity body, confirmed that the neighbouring country was affected in a statement published on Twitter.?At 7.06 a defect in the Argentine network affected the interconnected system leaving the entire national territory without service,? the organisation said.UTE said work was underway to restore power. The company added that electricity had been restored to some cities on Uruguay?s coast.More than 48m people live across Argentina and Uruguay.Users on social media, claiming to be resident in the countries, shared photographs of the blackout.Since taking office, Argentina?s president Mauricio Macri has said that gradual austerity measures were needed to revive the country?s struggling economy.He has cut red tape and tried to reduce the government?s budget deficit by ordering job cuts and cutting utility subsidies.A spokesman for Brazil?s power system operator (ONS) said the outage had not impacted the country.Additional reporting by agencies

Field fires in Syria's Hasakeh kill 10: monitor

Field fires in Syria's Hasakeh kill 10: monitorFires engulfing vital wheat fields across Syria's northeast have killed at least 10 people, a war monitor said Sunday, as Kurdish authorities claim the blazes were set deliberately. Kurdish authorities and the Damascus regime are competing to buy up this year's harvest as fires -- some claimed by the Islamic State group -- continue to scorch crops in the country's breadbasket. The victims included civilians and members of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces who died while trying to extinguish the blazes since Saturday, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Quelques Spationaute Troglodyte

  • Spationaute Troglodyte Tictact
  • Spationaute Troglodyte Williams
  • Spationaute Troglodyte Thalie
  • Spationaute Troglodyte Rikaix
  • Spationaute Troglodyte Darkmioche
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  • Spationaute Troglodyte La Gérance
  • Spationaute Troglodyte Lachouchet
  • Spationaute Troglodyte SpatioLurch
  • Spationaute Troglodyte ?

Et pour le reste bah, j'en sais rien...

URL "officielles" du Spationaute Troglodyte ?

  • sur MSN (Fr) (visible également sur cette page de Spationaute Troglodyte
  • sur Yahoo (Com pour le Fr, et Fr pour faire Comme si que c'était ça)
  • règlement et inscription sur Crazy Forum
  • pour le Fun, voyons ce que ça donne sur Google

J'ai pas envie de jouer sur un .com, c'est bien une idée de tarlouze !

Résultats officiel du concours à midi le 14 juillet 2006 :

  • 1 (Ced) - point msn : 2.7 - point yahoo 1.1 - total: 1.9
  • 2 (Tiger) - point msn : 3.6 - point yahoo 3.3 - total: 3.45
  • 3 (XavFuN) - point msn : 1.8 - point yahoo 5.5 - total: 3.65
  • 4 (Williams) - point msn : 6.3 - point yahoo 2.2 - total: 4.25
  • 5 (Darkmioche) - point msn : 4.5 - point yahoo 4.4 - total: 4.45
  • 6 (Tictact) - point msn : 0.9 - point yahoo 9.9 - total: 5.4
  • 7 (Pagetronic) - point msn : 7.2 - point yahoo 6.6 - total: 6.9
  • 8 (Newsit) - point msn : 5.4 - point yahoo 8.8 - total: 7.1
  • 9 (Seb) - point msn : 12.6 - point yahoo 7.7 - total: 10.15
  • 10 (La Gérance) - point msn : 8.1 - point yahoo 13.2 - total: 10.65
  • 11 (SpatioLurch) - point msn : 10.8 - point yahoo 11 - total: 10.9
  • 12 (Eclipsis) - point msn : 9 - point yahoo 15.4 - total: 12.2
  • 13 (Jan) - point msn : 15.3 - point yahoo 14.3 - total: 14.8
  • 14 (Woualy) - point msn : 11.7 - point yahoo 18.7 - total: 15.2
  • 15 (Yankey) - point msn : 16.2 - point yahoo 16.5 - total: 16.35
  • 16 (Lachouchet) - point msn : 14.4 - point yahoo 19.8 - total: 17.1
  • 17 (maximethomas) - point msn : 900 - point yahoo 12.1 - total: 456.05
  • 18 (Rikaix) - point msn : 900 - point yahoo 17.6 - total: 458.8
  • 19 (Greg) - point msn : 9.9 - point yahoo 1100 - total: 554.95
  • 20 (Eplayaz) - point msn : 13.5 - point yahoo 1100 - total: 556.75
  • 21 (Magik) - point msn : 900 - point yahoo 1100 - total: 1000
  • 22 (Dada17) - point msn : 900 - point yahoo 1100 - total: 1000

=> sur Google, j'étais 2ème, mais ça ne comptait pas  :-(


Pour le mode de calcul, bah c'est complexe, c'est du Crazy, alors méfiez-vous des crazyfication...

Voyons ce qu'en dit l'excellent Chocoku Land

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Un spationaute dans le monde :

Spationaute Troglodyte - Site personnel de Ced Accueil I Spationaute Troglodyte I A propos I Partenaires I Recherches I Classement I Contact I Le vendredi 14 juillet 2006 à midi, cette page s'est placée en première position du concours appelé "Spationaute Troglodyte". Spatiotruc et Troglomachinchose ?? by Xavfun Spationaute Troglodyte - Site personnel de Ced Le vendredi 14 juillet 2006 à midi, cette page s'est placée en première position du concours appelé "Spationaute Troglodyte". Vous trouverez sur ce site toutes les informations relatives à ce concours. spationautetroglodyte - spationaute troglodyte - spationaute troglodyte - spationaute troglodyte - spationaute troglodyte - spationaute troglodyte Spationaute Troglodyte concours seo 2006 sur et Spationaute Troglodyte : elle est pas belle la vie Spationaute Troglodyte : elle est pas belle la vie ! Concours organisé par cigiema et l'horrible crazy Spationaut Troglodyte Contest - « spationaute troglodyte », what does it mean ? « Spationaute » in french means « spacionaut » in english, but « spationaute troglodyte », it means nothing ; it's the keywords on which the Seo people must position ; In order not to pollute other requests, the keywords chosen by the contests never mean anything. Spationaute, astronaute, cosmonaute : quelle différence ... cosmonaute : issu des mots grecs kosmos (univers) et nautes (navigateur) astronaute : issu du grec ástron (étoile) et nautes (navigateur) spationaute : mot hybride venant du latin spatium (espace) et du grec nautes (navigateur) Ils ne sont pas tout à fait des synonymes. Lire un JS sans permettre son telechargement | Forum ... Merci pour ce rappel spationaute-troglodyte ... :roll: Mais comme le dit e-kiwi, certains fai bloquent le referer. Ceux-ci n'auront pas de javascript, même sur le site. Concours de référencement Moctodn7v; Le blog des concours de référencement de Tiger. Ce moctodn7v salue tous ses camarades globalwarming awareness2007, cobraoupouaout, spationaute troglodyte. Astronaute ? Wikipédia Un astronaute ? également appelé cosmonaute, principalement pour les Russes ou dans un contexte russe ? est le membre de l'équipage d'un véhicule spatial. Les astronautes étaient choisis initialement parmi les pilotes militaires. Location propriété viticole troglo en Anjou avec chambre ... Le Logis troglodytique du Vigneron est situé à Parnay, proche de Saumur. Au sein du Parc Naturel Régional Loire Anjou Touraine classé au patrimoine de l'UNESCO. Ancienne propriété viticole troglodytique du 18ième siècle rénovée dans le respect de l?authenticité du troglo viticole. Le Logis possède tout le confort moderne. Un salon ...

spationaute :

  • Spationaute, astronaute, cosmonaute : quelle différence ...
  • Vous aviez certainement remarqué qu?il y a plusieurs façons possibles de nommer une personne qui voyage dans l?espace, dans le cadre d?une missions spatiale.
  • Définitions : spationaute - Dictionnaire de français Larousse
  • Difficultés de spationaute. EMPLOI. Ces mots désignent tous trois une personne embarquée à bord d'un engin spatial, mais s'emploient dans des situations différentes.
  • Astronaute ? Wikipédia
  • Spationaute C'est un mot issu du latin spatium , qui signifie « espace », et du grec nautes signifiant « navigateur » [ 18 ] . Le terme a été utilisé dans le cadre du programme Hermès proposé par le Centre national d'études spatiales .
  • SPATIONAUTE | Agence web Bordeaux | Création site internet ...
  • Notre métier n?est pas seulement de concevoir un site internet qui vous ressemble ! Notre métier est de mettre en valeur votre business mais aussi d?optimiser votre visibilité afin que les utilisateurs vous trouvent facilement face aux concurrents.
  • SPATIONAUTE.IO | Agence digitale Bordeaux & solutions de ...
  • SPATIONAUTE.IO centralise les meilleurs outils et services digitaux à destination des entreprises dans un seul et même endroit . Notre structure est hybride , moitié startup avec notre plateforme , et moitié agence digitale bordeaux avec nos services associés. Avec nous allez à la conquête de votre univers digital avec des stratégies ...

Troglodyte :

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