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Polish PM nixes trip to Israel after Netanyahu Holocaust 'comment': govt

Polish PM nixes trip to Israel after Netanyahu Holocaust 'comment': govtPolish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has cancelled a visit to Israel for a high-level summit, a government spokesperson told AFP on Sunday, after uproar in Poland over reported comments by Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu about the Poles and the Holocaust. Netanyahu -- who was initially quoted in Haaretz newspaper as saying that "The Poles collaborated with the Nazis" -- has been condemned in Poland for appearing to accuse all Polish people of cooperating with Germany during World War II. Warsaw has long been at pains to point out that Poland, which was occupied by Nazi Germany, could not have and did not collaborate in the Holocaust although individual Poles may have done so.

Disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner to register as sex offender after prison release

Disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner to register as sex offender after prison releaseDisgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner has been released from federal prison after being convicted of having illicit online contact with a 15-year-old girl in 2017. The Federal Bureau of Prisons website shows the 54-year-old New York Democrat is currently in the custody of its Residential Re-entry Management office in Brooklyn, New York. The prison bureau, federal prosecutors in New York and Weiner?s lawyer didn?t respond to emails seeking comment.

'A new day is coming to Latin America': Donald Trump warns Venezuelan military leaders

'A new day is coming to Latin America': Donald Trump warns Venezuelan military leadersPresident Trump directs speech at Florida's Venezuelan community as he tries to appeal to Latino voters heading into the 2020 election.

U.S. envoy on Syria tells allies troop withdrawal won't be abrupt

U.S. envoy on Syria tells allies troop withdrawal won't be abruptThe United States will not make an abrupt and rapid withdrawal of its troops from Syria and will consult closely with its allies on the issue, its special envoy on Syria said on Sunday. "We've been telling them (allies) continuously this is not going to be an abrupt, rapid withdrawal but a step-by-step withdrawal," James Franklin Jeffrey told the Munich Security Conference, addressing concerns from allies over the U.S. decision to pullout 2,000 troops.

Tariff uncertainty could hurt auto industry more than plant closures in 2019

Tariff uncertainty could hurt auto industry more than plant closures in 2019Broad U.S. import tariffs and trade restrictions could cost 366,000 jobs, nearly 100 times what?s at stake in GM?s controversial plant closings.

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U.S. states sue Trump administration in showdown over border wall funds

U.S. states sue Trump administration in showdown over border wall fundsWASHINGTON (Reuters) - A coalition of 16 U.S. states led by California sued President Donald Trump's administration on Monday over his decision to declare a national emergency to obtain funds for constructing a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California came just days after Trump invoked emergency powers on Friday. (Reporting by Sarah N. Lynch and Jeff Mason; Editing by Tom Brown and Peter Cooney)

U.S. FAA investigates Southwest over baggage weight discrepancies: WSJ

U.S. FAA investigates Southwest over baggage weight discrepancies: WSJA company spokeswoman said there was an open Letter of Investigation (LOI), which is a common mechanism for the FAA to document and share safety interests or concerns with an airline. The airline has not been issued fines and faces no enforcement action regarding its weight and balance program, Southwest spokeswoman Brandy King said. "In this case, the LOI addresses an issue that Southwest voluntarily reported to the FAA last year and since that time, Southwest has implemented controls to address weight and balance program concerns, and shared those measures with the FAA," King said.

Official cites 'unlawful' balloting in U.S. congressional vote

Official cites 'unlawful' balloting in U.S. congressional voteKim Strach, executive director of the state election board, on Monday said investigators had uncovered a "coordinated, unlawful and substantially resourced absentee ballot scheme" orchestrated by a political operative working for Harris. Strach said operative Leslie McCrae Dowless hired workers to collect absentee ballot requests from voters and then return to retrieve the ballots, in violation of state law. Lisa Britt, who worked for Dowless on the absentee ballots, testified that he instructed his workers to fill in responses for races left blank to avoid ?red flags? with the local elections board.

Exclusive: Air Force to push Congress for military housing tenant bill of rights

Exclusive: Air Force to push Congress for military housing tenant bill of rightsThe proposed measure, outlined in an interview at the Pentagon by Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson and Chief of Staff David L. Goldfein, follows complaints from military families who say they are often powerless to challenge private industry landlords when they encounter dangerous mold, lead paint and vermin infestations. Added Secretary Wilson: ?That could put a little more leverage into the hands of the renters.? The Air Force push adds to a drumbeat of reforms to emerge in recent weeks following a Reuters series, Ambushed at Home, that documented shoddy housing conditions at bases nationwide and described how military families are often empowered with fewer rights than civilian tenants. Read the series Ambushed at Home at Wilson said the Air Force is actively working with the Army and Navy to push a tenant bill of rights that would give military families a stronger hand in housing disputes.

Presidents Day protests decry Trump's emergency declaration

Presidents Day protests decry Trump's emergency declarationCalling Trump's declaration an abuse of power and usurpation of Congress, organizers with the nonprofit advocacy group and other participants said it was important to let the outrage over the move be heard. ?We disagree with the state of emergency declared by the president and stand with our immigrant colleagues and friends,? said Darcy Regan, executive director of Indivisible Chicago, which co-hosted the protest there. Trump invoked the emergency powers on Friday after Congress declined to fulfill his request for $5.7 billion to help build the wall that was his signature 2016 campaign promise.


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  • A woman testified she illegally picked up and falsified absentee ballots in a 2018 congressional election
  • A North Carolina woman testified Monday that she illegally picked up and falsified absentee ballots in a 2018 congressional election under the direction of a political operative who was working on behalf of the race's Republican candidate.
  • FBI investigates possible election fraud in North Carolina
  • North Carolina's State Board of Elections named Leslie McCrae Dowless Jr., a political operative who worked for Republican candidate Mark Harris, as "a person of interest in connection with an alleged absentee ballot operation in the congressional district." CNN's Drew Griffin reports.
  • Candidate says he has no knowledge of operative doing anything illegal
  • North Carolina Republican congressional candidate Mark Harris told WBTV on Friday that while he had hired Leslie McCrae Dowless, a political operative in the middle of an investigation into suspected absentee-ballot tampering, he was "absolutely not" aware of Dowless doing anything illegal.
  • Documents detail allegations of fraud in 2016 by GOP operative
  • The North Carolina State Board of Elections on Wednesday released hundreds of pages of documents detailing allegations of ballot fraud in 2016 allegedly directed by a Republican operative now at the center of a probe into this year's 9th Congressional District elections.
  • North Carolina GOP open to new election
  • The executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party says he supports a new election if allegations of fraud in the 9th Congressional District race are proven true and it impacted the outcome of the race. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.


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